The Home Diagnostic Tool Kit assists students who run MyITLab at home by checking that their systems are set up to run MyITLab at optimum performance. The tool performs a series of diagnistic checks on the machine and then provides feedback.
To download and run the Home Diagnostic Tool, follow these steps:
    1, Click the link below for the MyITlab version used in your course.
        MyITLab for Office 2010/2007 (Pegasus 5.x):
        MyITLab for Office 2010/2007 Legacy (Pegasus 3.x):
    2, When prompted, click Save.
    3, Save the file homediagnostic.exe to a location on your hard drive where you can easily find it.
    4, Close Internet Explorer.
    5, Locate the file homediagnostic.exe, and double-click it.
    6, If prompted with a Security Warning, click Run.
    7, Click Scan Machine to run the diagnostic tool.
    8, If a warning appears for any of the checks, click on the word Warning for further information and instructions from Pearson's support resources.
    9, Once you have adjusted the settings for any of the warnings received, scan your machine again.
    10, Once all checks pass, you are ready to run MyITLab.
Note:  Pop-Up Blocker settings are scanned at the browser level. You may recieve this error even though you have turned off pop-up blocker through Google or Yahoo. Please see Answer 241 of the Online Knowledge Base for instructions on adjusting Pop-Up Blocker settings for Internet Explorer.

Should you wish to export the results of your scan, complete the following steps:
    1, After the scan is complete, click the Export Report button.
    2, Name the file and choose a location on your computer where you can easily find it again.
    3, Click Save.
    4, You will get a message indicating that the file has been saved successfully.