The water temperature of the car engine is too high, which also means the cooling fluid (antifreeze) of the engine is at a high temperature. If lasting for a long time, it may cause cylinder deformation, and leakage with the internal channel of the engine, as well as the tank water boiled, and even other more serious faults, etc. Well, after knowing the harm that high water temperature car engine will bring for your car, we sincerely suggest you to ask for a help from the professional car repair store or a famous Online Auto Diagnostic Tool Shop, for both will provide the professional diagnosis and maintenance for your loved car.

Car Engine

Emergency measures:
When the water temperature of your car engine is too high, you should immediately pull over and shut down your car, and then waiting for rescue a trailer. When driving on the highway, you should stop your car at a rest area as far as possible, or at the emergency lane. Please note: Open the air conditioning hot air when necessary. Though it may be too hot inside the car, it will effectively lower the temperature of the engine.

Car Engine

DIY Inspection and Site Remediation
1. Check the engine compartment pipeline, water tank, and whether there is leaking at the bottom of the car.

2. Check the antifreeze storage pot of liquid level with the help of a kind of tool for diagnosing your car, such as the Launch X431 IV Full System Diagnosis Tool and the Launch X431 Diagun III Automotive Analysis System. If finding out lacking of antifreeze, you should be go to the nearest car wash shop, gas station or comprehensive supermarket to buy antifreeze as soon as possible.

3. Timely supply according to the current consumption of antifreeze speed in order to arrive at the repair shop with safety. When at a n emergency, you can use pure water supplement, but don't try "mineral water" and "natural water", and after that, you must go to a garage or 4s store to perfusion antifreezing solution as soon as possible, and to adjust to the correct concentration of antifreeze.

4. If you are not sure about the correct reason, we suggest you to use the Car Diagnostic Tools before driving or take the advantage of the rescue trailer service, and move your car to the repair station or 4s shops to do further inspection and maintenance.