Why adjust the seat and mirrors? Such a simple question but it is one of the most dangerous source to avoid driving. According to a survey, without proper driving posture and poor vision mirror will directly lead to accidents; do not think this is something that others do not believe now check your own driving position is correct.

First seat height adjustment, up or down to adjust the seat so that there is at least blows the roof off the distance to the head. If the seat is adjusted too high, the vehicle is likely to encounter bumps head roof, too short a tune would affect sight. Then adjust the distance between the front and rear, when the foot brake pedal to stay at the deepest, legs still have a certain amount of bending; but don’t too straight back, best driving state is when the shoulder when relying on natural back, arms straight at the wrist should just be able to ride on the steering wheel, so that when the power to reverse the steering wheel can guarantee the lingua franca, and kilometers per hour, fuel and other functions of the instrument panel display can also be in line of sight. And when hand steering wheel with both hands is preferably on the "3:00" and "9:00" position. Natural thumb resting on the steering wheel spokes. Some drivers like the thumb to the inside, or when turning the direction of play from the back side dig round, in fact, is very dangerous driving habits, the one which would allow the driver to the steering wheel force feedback judgment is unclear, another event when compared there may hurt your fingers when poor road or emergency operations.

Adjust the seat can be adjusted after the mirror; the old drivers know the car has three "behind the eyes", refers to both sides of the mirrors and the interior rearview mirror. For the outside mirrors, the sky and the ground level of the transfer line should be in the upper half of the rear-view mirror, which is outside rearview mirror, you can see two-thirds of the ground, a third of the sky, and this can ensure that most of the roads are seen. When about regulation, should let the body also appeared within sight outside rearview mirror, but not too much, as long as the body can grasp the situation near the line. For not all vision mirrors, it is best to install a large field of view in the mirror corner angle lens, so you can ensure a more comprehensive insight into the road. But do not remodel substandard products, surface some mirror design is unreasonable, but after long-term use can cause the driver's line of sight illusion dangerous. Finally, the adjustment is within the rearview mirror, the driver should be able to sit back rear road clearly observed, in principle, in line with the lower, not higher, in order to acquire more ground information. Moreover, you should pay special attention to the fact that some owners prefer to place bulky items in the vicinity of the rear window, in fact, is the most affected after the concept of effect.

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