Auto wiper is our rain and snow weather is the important guarantee of safety, so we want to carefully choose and buy and maintenance of car wiper, this is responsible for ourselves and own car, here share some auto wiper some maintain little common sense.

1, Confirm that the wiper connection mode and Specifications
Strut connecting the wiper arm, some of the arm is fixed by screws to the rocker arm, while others are convex lock buckle. car use of the wiper models reference vehicle use manual.

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2, Ciper rubber strip whether aging
The wiper pull up with your fingers touch the rubber wiper strip after cleaning, if the leaf aging, hardening, cracks, this wiper unqualified.

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3, Whether the wiper blade under different speed to keep a certain speed
Put wiper switch at different speed location, especially to pay more attention to in the condition of continuous work, wiper is to keep a certain speed.

4, Check the wiper state
If the contact surface of rubber and glass surface cannot be fully fit, wipe the residue produced,  the wiper is unqualified.

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5, The motor with or without abnormal noise
If the wiper motor "buzzing" sound without rotation, wiper mechanical transmission parts have rust or stuck in place, should immediately turn off the wiper switch, in case of burning motor.

6, Wiper is not longer the better
Some people think that the wiper blade length is longer, the scraping area is greater, the better vision. In fact, the longer the length of the wiper blade can increase the field of view, although the visible range, but also increases the relative burden wiper motor and wiper rods, such as extended must guarantee the normal work must not impede the wiper.

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The vehicle in the usual driving process, sand and other small particles can be adhered on the wiper and windshield, surface formation damage at this time very easy for wiper flat, causing the scraping clean, usually available soft cloth strip contact surface, can be attached to the top of the sand and dust removal, let wiper and windshield and get good protection. In addition, different weather also have different maintenance tips. After a rainy day as soon as possible should be washed the car, the acid rain ingredients easy to form adhesive tape aging; winter ice and snow cleaning glass, must not use hard brush wiper wiper blade, causing damage; often change the contact surface of the rubber strip sloping, prevent a deformation; when the wiper joint is not tight, should be go to a professional repair shop to adjust as soon as possible, prevent the formation of security risks.

In addition to regular check, wiper films the best six months to a year to replace a. Owners usually car to develop excellent use habit, do not dry scraping, it is best to first gush water to open the wiper, such is helpful for protecting the wiper blade; in the case of long-term parked vehicles, can use the wood like a small thing, the pad in the wiper, wiper blade and the windshield and separated from each other and this can prolong the service life of the wiper.

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