A, use and maintenance
zfak6-90 and zfs6-90 type gearbox is of conventional structural gearbox, and is therefore generally the same gearbox, in use, should pay attention to two issues, a car is driving is prohibited in the engine flameout neutral glide. This is due to the type used in automotive hydraulic power steering system and braking system, once the driving engine flameout, power steering immediately failure, in case of emergency prone to heavy steering caused the accident. You can use the OBD Diagnostic Tool to check the gearbox working state. The engine is stalled and the air compressor is not working, such easy to cause failure of brake failure.

car gearbox

On the other hand, from the gearbox working angle, the car engine flameout and gearbox put it in neutral condition of high-speed planing, as the engine flameout, gearbox a shaft stop rotation, countershaft also stops rotating and the second shaft gear all cease to spin, and the second shaft is in driving sliding car driven by high-speed rotation. Due to the gearbox all the gears are in a resting state, splash lubrication can not be generated, such a biaxial within each gear shaft hole needle roller bearing is not enough lubrication and burning loss soon.

Similarly, when the car engine failure was not working properly, the car must be hauled driving, drag distances over 100 meters, must be drive shaft and the driving axle connecting flange apart, the rope bundle of drive shaft on the beam of the automobile, drive axle and drive axle disengaged, drag speed shall not be more than 60 km / hour. Otherwise, also easy to cause biaxial needle roller bearing damage. You can use the Launch X431 IV GX4 Master or Launch X431 V Pro tool to check whether the car engine has a problem.

car gearbox

During the maintenance should be careful to check the level of gear oil. Transmission gear oil that is not the lack of nor Cadogan. Lack of oil caused by early wear even burning fault, oil too much prone to gearbox overheating. In a gas plug on the side of the gearbox, the oil level when the car park in a horizontal position should be in the height of the plug position. There is a drain at the bottom of the gearbox plug. New car during 2000 ~ 2500 km, the first force to maintain the new oil transmission gear oil should be replaced. Oil change the best operating mode in a hot car. Must according to the actual conditions and according to the provisions of the oil gap period.

B, gearbox oil
Gearbox lubrication using gear oil. ZF type gearbox use the international standard aplgl - 4 grade, viscosity grade sae85w / 90 indicator of gear oil. You can use the Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P or Autel MaxiDas DS708 tool to check the gearbox lubrication working state.