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i have a maxidas ds708, My question is should it stop reading all vehicles once it needs updating?

asked by Kelly on August 21, 2019

The software is not supposed to time out from working after your update is expired. That is why you were supposed to create working backup software while you were still within your free update period, and never let your DS708 connect to Autel's server again within 30 days of your expiration and definitely not afterwards lest something might become corrupted . Avoid touching the update tab on the DS708 and maybe turn off it's WIFI. You never know if Microsoft could even kill a DS708s with a Windows CE security patch, you just don't take chances. If you haven't updated since 2014 , some makes have added coverage for 2015 and 2016 cars but overall I really don't think there has been anything new added to DS708 software in over a year and nothing more likely is ever going to be upgraded anymore before December 2017 when you can no longer download the software at the present levels that it is likely to remain at .

Focalobd answered on May 19, 2017